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Is in charge of carrying the following works for medium to big size projects.
• Civil works
• Finishing works
• E&M works
Every project is led by a project manager assisted by site engineers, foremen and lead men.
The head office provides financial, purchasing and sales back up and mainly technical follow up and liaison with owners and consultant head offices.

A pool of equipment, scaffolding and transportation means, is managed by an equipment centralized manager. Liaison with sister companies that provides steel, block work and other building materials is done through purchase orders by the head office followed by projects teams. Purchasing and resourcing department provide materials to the sites in accordance with pre-established schedule by the scheduling department. Engineering and shop drawings are centralized in the head office. Important projects will have their own technical division on site in relation with the main technical office. Scheduling department under technical manager supervision will produce a general projects schedule for the company together with schedules dedicated for each project. Compass Contracting is now classified in the government as a building contracting company with classification 3rd to gain projects up to S.R 70 million per project.